The Founding of our Organisation

In the late 1970’s a hui – a- iwi, was held at Waipapa marae (Auckland Universtiy). Key Ngati Kahu elders, leaders, tamariki and mokopuna came together to discuss how Ngati Kahu could provide much needed services to our people in urban Auckland. The aim was to provide a range of social services to meet the social and health demands for our people within the Auckland region. The Ngati Kahu Trust Board was set up as an Iwi authority. In 1990 a hui- a Iwi was called to set up a separate body from the Trust Board to be the Iwi authority for Ngati Kahu and receive government funding for the Iwi; Te Runanga A Iwi o Ngati Kahu was established (1990) – to find out more about the runanga go to Ngati Kahu Iwi Website

In 1991 a non-political entity Te Iwi o Ngati Kahu Trust was formed and later registered as an incorporated society on 7th April 1994. Located in Otahuhu to provide advocacy, housing support, kaumatua to assist staff with whanau hui and reconciliation to strengthen our community and people within Tamaki Makaurau. In 2011 we re-located to Papatoetoe where we have continued to deliver our service to our communities.

We have maintained our ‘taura here’ status, and continue to be the only members of Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngati Kahu who are not located within the rohe of Ngati Kahu.

He rāngai maomao I taka ki tua o Nukutaura. E kore a muri e hokia.

A shaol of maomao that gets beyond Nukutaura will never return.

Behind Our Logo

The logo was created by Theresa Reihana in 2012 and symbolises our Ngati Kahu connections and our role as kaitiaki for tamariki, taiohi and their whanau. The logo depicts the purerehua (wind instrument) traditionally used to communicate warnings or important news between pa sites. The pitau and tipu represent our whanau.