Governance Board Members

Chairperson - Rev. Lloyd Popata
Member - Gina Pikaahu
Member - Renata Hutchinson
Member - Ripeka Evans
Member - Vacancy

The aims and objectives of the Trust are:


To promote and maintain whanaungatanga as the basis for responding to individual and family needs.


To endorse the Treaty of Waitangi which recognises and guarantees te tino rangatiratanga of tangata whenua over material, cultural and spiritual resources.


To preserve protect and promote te mana whakahaere mai ra ano o te Iwi in relation to cultural care, social wellbeing, development and advancement in life.


To support the traditions of whanau hapu and Iwi in relation to care-giving and whanaungatanga.

5. To operate a social support system which is:

  • Culturally relevant and capable of addressing the needs of Maori according to the principles of whanaungatanga.
  • Response to changing social, economic and cultural circumstances affecting young persons children and their whanau.
  • Located in Tamaki makaurau for the purposes of serving the needs of all people living in Aotearoa with the approval and in consultation with Ngati Kahu Iwi.
  • Intensive social work support for whanau experiencing multiple pressure.

The Governance Board works in partnership with the General Manager & Director of Services to ensure:

  • The Boards objectives and policies are implemented.
  • Ensure all aspects of mahi undertaken by the Organisation are proper, legal and ethically sound.
  • To actively promote the services and activities of the Organisation.
  • Report Annually to stakeholders through Annual General Meetings.